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Bags and Their Doppelgangers: A Fascinating Comparison

If you are one of the bag lovers, you must have seen a lot of designer bags. Before scrolling down this post, why don’t we play a small game? Now, please tell me what brand this bag is from within three seconds.

3, 2, 1. The correct answer is Tory Burch! Did you get that right? (Don’t forget to leave a comment if you score it.) At the same time, I believe some of you might mistake it for Hermes Mini Kelly II, hahaha.

Frankly speaking, these two bags do look similar. Newbies are likely to get confused. However, this is not just one case! In the world of designer bags, there are many of them that seem “related,” like “twin sisters.” Especially for the popular ones, all the brands are “copying” and releasing. If you put them together, it directly becomes “multiple sisters.” There is not much difference except for the logo.

Exploring Look-alike Designer Handbags

Today I will be talking about those designer handbags and their look-alikes that I have collected so far. Let’s find out how similar they are!

① Mini Kelly II and Lee Radziwill: A Tale of Similarity and Contrast

The first group is what I already mentioned in the beginning: Mini Kelly II and Lee Radziwill. They are both designed with trapezoid shapes and a single handle. On the front of the bag, they have rectangular metal clasps in gold and two “little straps” hanging down when opened.

Nevertheless, if you look closely, each of them still has their own features. Mini Kelly II is basically Kelly in a smaller size, having a classic vibe itself. Lee Radziwill doesn’t have a flap like Mini Kelly II, and the latch is replaced by a magnetic closure. The silhouette is more rounded and smooth.


② Chanel 22 and Balenciaga Crush Tote: A Clash of Cool and Chic

Soft tote bag body + metal chain shoulder strap, the similarity is obvious. The design of the Chanel 22 bag has a good balance of look and practicality. It’s cool and dashing while still having Chanel’s consistent elegant and delicate tone. Even though the price has been raised several times, it is still a lot of girls’ most desired bag!

On the other hand, the Balenciaga Crush Tote is also not to be outdone, not long after its debut has already garnered numerous fans! Made of Crushed calfskin and aged-gold hardware, the perfect interpretation of Balenciaga’s cool DNA.

No doubt, there must be something that could tell one apart from another, and that would be the leather drawstring closure of the Crush Tote, which can be easily tightened for greater security.

③ Kelly Elan and Manhattan: A Story of Elegance and Boldness

I remember when Manhattan just came out, many commented it looks like Kelly. Especially again how the black color combines with the golden metal lock like the first group. Despite how similar they are in design, the two bags are quite different in style.

Kelly Elan well retains the noble, stable temperament of the Kelly lock and trapezoidal body, but also with a little formal. Fashionable at the same time, but actually more elegant. While the Manhattan bag is more rigid, the metal parts are more eye-catching. With the rounded lines on the lid and bottom of the bag, the overall look is both retro and dashing without losing the tough, modern vibe. Besides, the texture of Manhattan is also quite excellent. No wonder why it is the first choice for chic girls when buying YSL bags.

④ Hammock and Lindy: A Tale of Unique Handles

You must be surprised to see these two are put together. Hammock and Lindy, two seemingly unrelated bags, but actually have one major similarity – the handles are on both sides of the bag, and when you pick them up, the bags will take on a “hammock” like form.

The two bags are unique in just the right way, and one can’t help but feel a trance of déjà vu. Being Hermes’s classic models and thanks to the Mini Lindy, the heat of the Lindy line is all the way up. The recessed curve of the Loewe Hammock bag is a bit more exaggerated than the Lindy, and the style is more youthful and casual. It also comes with a long shoulder strap, so you can carry it elegantly by hand or easily on your shoulder.

As an important model of Loewe, Hammock often releases new colors and patterns, providing numerous choices.

⑤ Le Foulonné and Evelyne: A Study in Understated Versatility

Le Foulonné and Evelyne are practical small bags that everyone likes. They both have a very simple vertical appearance, size is also similar. Of course, the biggest difference between the two bags is definitely the large logo on the Evelyne bag. Although it is an entry-level Hermes bag, Evelyne’s leather is not sloppy at all and has a casual and sophisticated vibe when carrying it.

In comparison, Le Foulonné has fewer metal parts, and the small logo is embossed. So the overall look of the bag will be more understated and simple.


⑥ Bolide and Alma: The Timeless “Shell-Shape” Bags

Bolide and Alma are super CLASSIC bags in the bag world. I have to say, these two bags are really similar, both are simple double-carry-handle “shell-shape” bags. Especially when they have a lock on the front, it’s really hard to tell them apart! It is also not easy to compare the historical status of the two.

Let’s begin with Bolide, as early as 1923 was born, is still considered the originator of the zipper bag by many. And although the history of Alma is not as long as Bolide, it has a profound influence on the field of “shell bags”. Louis Vuitton also attaches considerable importance to this bag, and by now has launched many, many different designs.

⑦ Roulis and Lingot: Hermès’ Fascination with Signature Elements

Once again, Hermes. Now I wonder whether I should change the title to “Hermes and their Look-alikes”. LOL To be honest, I didn’t think these two look similar until they are put side by side. Especially when you see the buckle part, it’s possible to consider them as the same brand. Nevertheless, both buckles have their

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