Review of the Replicated Givenchy Small Antigona Bag


Back in 2010, the Givenchy Antigona bag emerged, quickly ascending to iconic status and remaining a favored choice among A-listers over subsequent years.

Recalling the price of the bag during my desire for it three to four years ago, it appeared reasonable and fitting for a leather bag of its size. Nonetheless, I opted for a replica rather than an authentic piece. My decision stemmed from learning about the Antigona bag’s underwhelming resale value, as I prefer to rotate and resell my bags occasionally. Amidst the choice between a pre-loved option and a replica, I ultimately acquired a faux Givenchy bag.

The hallmark of the Antigona is its structured trapezoid shape, and I believe its true charm emanates from the bag’s inherent simplicity. Available in various sizes, including mini, small, and medium (with a possible addition of micro), my replicated Givenchy bag is in the small size category. In my view, the small version proves perfect for daily use due to its moderate dimensions, capable of accommodating essentials for day-to-day activities.

Among the leather varieties, the smooth box calf leather captivated me most, its luster accentuating the bag’s elegance and structure. Presented in a classic black hue, this bag exudes its utmost elegance in this shade, ensuring effortless coordination with other colors.


Quality and Longevity:

Procured around three to four years ago from DD, my replica Givenchy bag still appears remarkably intact in the provided images. Partially, this can be attributed to my limited use of the bag, a habit I’ll elaborate on later. The bag’s exceptional quality also plays a substantial role in its enduring condition. Despite encountering rain a few times, the bag remains devoid of water stains or blemishes, testament to the durability of its leather.

Even after these years, the knockoff Givenchy handbag’s structure remains robust, adeptly upholding its form. Unlike some replica bags that compromise on stitching quality, leading to sagging over time, my replica defies such issues.

The hardware preserves its shine and overall condition. While the handles display a slight misalignment, I take full accountability for this due to improper storage. The bag features an unadjustable shoulder strap, which may be viewed as a drawback by some. While the stationary handles facilitate easy pickup, they can become obtrusive when retrieving items.

Two leather pieces at the bag’s base act as protective feet, elevating the bag and preventing contact with surfaces. Although some minor leather dents are evident on my Givenchy Antigona replica, they remain inconspicuous.

Detail and Accuracy:

The strap connects through a distinctive notch, mirroring the appearance of the genuine Antigona bag. Detaching the straps involves aligning a small gap, and the interlocking ends of the strap rotate fully to prevent tangling.

Stitching, especially on the thick leather portions beneath the handle, displays meticulous craftsmanship. The zipper’s substantial build conforms to expectations, facilitating effortless opening and closing.

Metal embellishments showcase the accurately spelled “Givenchy” logo and two triangular hardware pieces firmly secured. The replica’s Givenchy logo closely parallels the authenticity, maintaining a clean and neat appearance.

Interior features are somewhat challenging to discern due to the black cloth lining, preventing effective showcasing. Despite this, the bag comprises two slit pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other. In practice, the slit pockets prove less functional than anticipated, prompting me to deposit items into the primary compartment. This can lead to disarray when searching for small items. The detachable lining allows for easy cleaning, a beneficial attribute.

Final Impressions:

Contrary to doubts about the small size’s capacity, the replica Givenchy shoulder bag accommodates a surprising number of items. Quality and accuracy align admirably in my replicated piece.

However, along with my appreciation for this bag, certain drawbacks persist. A notable concern is its weightiness, akin to the authentic version. The bag feels burdensome even without contents, and with items added, it becomes notably heavy. This can result in visible marks or indentations from the handles against the skin when carried on the arm’s crook.


This weight-related issue prompted me to discontinue using the bag within a year of acquisition. Outside of this concern, it’s an ideal daily work bag, unaffected by splashes of water. Undeniably, it stands as a dependable handbag choice.

Additionally, an alternate version of the Antigona bag features grained leather, known for its enhanced scratch resistance compared to the box leather. In hindsight, I find myself slightly regretful for not selecting that option, though the allure of the box leather’s sheen was irresistible at the time.”

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