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I’m back with another review, this time for the sought-after LV Multi Pochette Accessoires (M44813) replica. I’ve been on the hunt for a bag specifically for my dog-walking adventures, but I wanted something that added style to the practicality, especially for those trips to the park where I can’t resist taking some pics (LOL).

While I acknowledge that there are functional yet plain nylon dog walking bags out there, I yearned for a touch of attractiveness without being too flashy. Ideally, I wanted something akin to my beloved replica Pochette Metis, versatile enough to match my outfits while offering separate compartments for my stuff and my dog’s essentials. That’s when I had the lightbulb moment to search for it in the ‘beloved designer bag section’ rather than endlessly scrolling through Amazon.

Considering this bag’s primary outdoor use, exposure to various weather conditions, and, let’s face it, inevitable encounters with mud, dog treats, and a fair share of dog hair, I decided, once again, to opt for a fake LV bag.


Many curious readers in the comments asked about the bag’s source, so here’s the scoop—I got it on DD.

Now, let’s dive into the review and examine this Louis Vuitton knockoff, from the overall look to the finest details.

Packaging was top-notch, ensuring everything arrived in pristine condition. A slight smell was present, but not unpleasant; I believe it’ll dissipate soon, so no points deducted on that front. Pochettes: The canvas feels robust and correctly aligned, replicating the LV design admirably. Zippers move seamlessly, and the stitching is commendably neat.

The dimensions are pretty good, with widths matching the real deal, only a minor 0.5 cm discrepancy in the height of the large pochette, which is hardly noticeable, resulting in a tiny deduction of -0.1 points.

Coin Purse: Initially, I noticed the edge wasn’t as round as expected, but comparing it to the photos on the Louis Vuitton website, it seems the authentic version shares the same quirk. No worries there. The zipper operates smoothly.


Concerns often arise about the strap’s lettering being a red flag for knockoffs, but this one is spot-on! It looks nearly identical to the authentic piece. Stitching is tight and even. The gold ring for adjusting the length feels sturdy.


The hardware checks out beautifully. It exudes quality and doesn’t appear overly yellow; the engraving is nearly perfect.

Other Details: Stamping on both tags looks pretty solid, with the right sizes. Regarding stitching on the tags—the larger one should have ten stitches in total, with four single stitches in the middle, while the mini pochette should have nine, with three single stitches in the middle. Mine have the correct overall stitch count, but the single stitches in the middle are a tad off. Admittedly, 99% of people wouldn’t notice, and I doubt anyone’s counting stitches on my bags, but I can’t unsee it, so a -0.2 deduction there.

Large Pochette: [Image: Link to the image]

Mini Pochette:

[Image: Link to the image]

The interiors of all three components look fantastic, the right color, and the correct tags/date codes.

In conclusion, I’d rate this replica Louis Vuitton M44813 at 9.7/10. I’m quite pleased with it. The Multi Pochette Accessoires fulfills my intentions for purchasing it, and honestly, it’s almost too good for its intended purpose.

For my dog walks, I can easily fit my iPhone 14 Plus, house keys, and cardholder in the mini pochette. The large pochette is perfect for dog treats, poop bags, and a whistle. Apart from being a dog-walking bag, it’s excellent for daily use. Lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear.

So, is it the absolute best LV replica bag on the market? Maybe not, but would I recommend it? Absolutely.”

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