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A Stylish Departure: Phoebe Philo’s Exit from Celine

I still remember how my mind blew up when I heard Phoebe Philo announce her departure from Celine. Back then, I thought I wouldn’t love the brand anymore after Phoebe left, but Celine has found their new aesthetic and I have to admit I’m loving it (especially the 16 and the Triomphe).

Unveiling the Celine Triomphe Bag

As the title suggests, today we will be talking about the Celine Triomphe bag.

Falling in Love with the Celine Triomphe

I fell in love with this beauty when I saw how buttery smooth the leather is in the Celine store, but I still can’t justify dropping thousands of dollars (official price – $3,950) on a small bag (even pre-loved cost over $2,500). So when I got home I started looking for the best seller for Celine replica bags.

Choosing Designer Discreet

Eventually, I decided to get the bag from Designer Discreet.

Variety in Silhouettes, Sizes, and Colors

The Triomphe comes in so many different silhouettes/shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can definitely find the one you love.

Selecting the Perfect Fit: The Teen Size

I chose the Teen size because it looks absolutely CUTE and at the same time, it fits my daily essential items. The Teen Triomphe is the perfect little crossbody for my height.

Classic Elegance: The Black and Gold Appeal

For color, I picked black (like many others did). I mean who can resist the combination of black and gold? Anyway, it’s a low-key bag, and not much going on on the exterior. I love the way they designed the bag because it is just really simple and beautiful, and I think it is a great classic style from Celine.

Review of My Celine Triomphe Replica

The bag arrived nicely wrapped in a dust bag. It also came in with the box and everything. This fake Celine bag is also made of Shiny Calfskin leather like the authentic one and feels the same buttery smooth. There is no chemical or any funny smell – does, in fact, have a leather smell to it.


Accurate Measurements and Elegant Shine

Measurements of 7 X 6 X 2 IN (18.5 x 14 x 6 CM) are accurate, also measured the clasp and Celine logo stamp sits right in the center. You can see the knockoff Celine Triomphe bag doesn’t have a very strong shine that looks like patent leather. Instead, it’s very beautiful and subtle shines all the way through like the authentic one – from the front to the back. (Oops, sorry about the fingerprint, just love to feel the leather.)

Sturdy Structure and Neat Stitching

The bag doesn’t have any feet at the bottom but can stand still just well. The stitching is very neat and close to authentic; I would say it’s perfect.

A User-Friendly Clasp and Hardware Detail

The way you open the bag is through this button on the right-hand side of the logo, and it just pops up. I know there are a few complaints about having difficulties opening the clasp (especially for those who have longer nails), but I don’t have this problem with my Celine replica shoulder bag. So I would say the seller did a good job on this. As for the Triomphe clasp, I am honestly surprised with how close the hardware is to the real one – from the shape and color to the engraving.

Functional and Elegant Interior

The font and the color of the Celine logo stamp look pretty accurate to me. The bag has three main compartments – one big compartment in the middle and two slim compartments in the front and back. There is a zipped pocket in the middle compartment and a kind of hidden pocket in the back compartment where you could put things as well. So you have a total of five compartments. The way that this bag is broken up makes it feel like it just has one space, but I like those slimmer pockets in the back and in the front as well. It isn’t a bag I like to stuff everything in but it is pretty roomy in terms of a crossbody. (An iPhone 14 Plus can fit in easily)

Quality and Adjustability of the Strap

The interior lining is also made of leather, smooth like the exterior leather. The overall structure of the replica Celine purse feels sturdy, with no hardware or zipper issues. The strap in itself is not removable; however, it is adjustable, which I think makes it really great. If you are looking for an everyday bag, I do recommend leather straps rather than chains. The stamping and stitching on the strap are also on point!


Final Impressions and Excitement for Summer Styling

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this Celine Teen Triomphe bag knockoff and honestly am honestly hooked on it. I don’t have any problem with the quality or the accuracy. If I have to be critical about it, there is a crease in the inner flap of the bag. I checked others’ YouTube reviews and theirs does not appear as obvious as mine – it doesn’t annoy me as much but it may be to some. Other than that, I’m more than satisfied with what I received – this Celine replica shoulder bag is absolutely gorgeous, and can’t wait to style it for the summer!

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