Choosing the Perfect Hermes Birkin Color: A Comprehensive Guide

Hermes is renowned for its luxurious yet exorbitant Birkin bag, with authentic versions ranging from $11,500 to a staggering $150,000. Among the myriad questions, potential buyers often ask, “What color Birkin should I choose?” This question highlights the complexity of navigating the diverse spectrum of colors, hardware options, leathers, and textures that Hermes offers, especially for those new to the brand.

In this concise Hermes Birkin colors guide, I aim to provide you with a clearer understanding of the available options, bringing you one step closer to selecting your dream bag.

New Hermes Colors for Spring Summer 2023

Let’s start by exploring this year’s fresh color palette, allowing you to be at the forefront of fashion.

  1. Rose Pop – This vibrant shade, reminiscent of Pantone’s Viva Magenta, falls between red and purple, exuding boldness and brightness.
  2. Orange Minium – With a more pronounced saturation compared to the classic Hermes orange, this color adds a cheerful flair to any outfit.
  3. Limoncello – Evoking thoughts of upcoming summer days, this hue resembles unsaturated lemonade, radiating gentle and vibrant spring-summer energy.
  4. Vert Comics – Positioned between Menthe and Bambou, this refreshing and eye-catching color strikes a perfect balance, catching the eye without being too loud.
  5. Gris Neve – A calm grey tone with a cooler demeanor compared to bright colors, exuding a sense of elegance.
  6. New White – This white shade carries a subtle grey-green undertone, offering a pure and sophisticated appearance.
  7. Vert Fizz – A muted, pale green that manages to be both elegant and chic, elevating any ensemble.
  8. Gris Pale – A light grey that edges toward white, imparting a lightweight and lively aura, even in a spacious bag.

While these new colors are dazzling and exciting, only three colors have been consistently associated with the Birkin bag to date – Orange Minium, Gris Neve, and Vert Fizz.


Most Popular Hermes Birkin Colors

Among the wide array of Birkin colors, several stand out as particularly popular among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities:

  1. Neutral (White/Grey/Black) – Classic and timeless, neutral colors are a safe choice for first-time Birkin buyers, seamlessly complementing any handbag collection.
  2. Brown/Tan (especially Gold) – The color Gold, in this context, doesn’t refer to an extravagant metallic tone but rather a camel-esque shade. It’s one of Hermes’ earliest colors, blending well with most outfit palettes, much like black.
  3. Orange – Perhaps the most iconic Hermes color, the same tone as their famous orange boxes, providing a vibrant pop of color to elevate any ensemble.
  4. Blue – A blue Birkin exudes luxury and sophistication, offering a range of hues, from the subtle Blue Nuit to the vivid Bleu du Nord, reminiscent of a clear sky.
  5. Red – Timeless and elegant, dark red like Rouge H stands as a classic choice among Birkin colors, adding a touch of refinement to any look.
  6. Pink – A popular option for fashionistas seeking a vibrant addition to their wardrobe, with Bubblegum Pink, Rose Sakura, and Mauve Sylvestre being particularly sought after among Hermes aficionados.

Birkin Colors That Maintain Value

Hermes Birkin bags are known for their elegance and high resale value, with certain colors standing out as timeless and versatile investments. These colors are often considered classic and sophisticated, suitable for pairing with a wide range of outfits. Some notable options include:

  1. Gold – A classic shade that never goes out of style and effortlessly complements any ensemble.
  2. Black – A timeless color, uber-tame yet elegant, making it an excellent choice for any occasion.
  3. Gray – Shades like Etoupe, Etain, Pearl Grey, Trench, Gris Tourterelle, Gris Mouette, and Gris Asphalt exude sophistication and understated luxury.
  4. White – Colors like Craie and Nata offer a pure and sophisticated look, making them perfect for an elegant and chic appearance.
  5. Blue – Variants like Blue Saphir, Blue Jean, Blue Lin, and Blue Atoll cater to individuals seeking luxury and sophistication.
  6. Pink – Bubblegum Pink, Rose Sakura, and Mauve Sylvestre have become sought after for those aiming to add a feminine and elegant touch to their collection.
  7. Red – Classic and modern, dark reds like Rouge Grenat and Rouge H convey elegance and sophistication.

In the end, if you still find yourself torn between Birkin colors after perusing this guide, the best approach is to follow your personal preference. Ultimately, your decision should reflect your unique style and taste, as that holds far more importance than resale value.

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