“Have you noticed the increasing variety of bag names on the market? Can you name all the different types of bags out there? We’ve got micro bags, bucket bags, tote bags… the list seems endless.

However, what I’ve come to realize is that for many fashion-forward individuals, the go-to choice they find the most practical and reliable is the chain flap bag!

Chain bags offer exceptional versatility in terms of how they can be worn. By adjusting the chain, you can easily switch up your style and create different looks.

Furthermore, when paired with the flip-top design, it creates a powerful combination. This duo is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions, making it a dependable choice that’s unlikely to disappoint.

Given the abundance of chain flap bags on the market, you might be wondering which one is truly worth considering.

Worry not! I’ve narrowed it down to nine options for you all. Feel free to take a look and consider them based on your individual needs!



The Saint Laurent Niki, adored by many, remains a fantastic choice! It’s a classic chain flap bag with a unique twist, diverging from the typical elegant and delicate designs. Instead, it exudes a cool and edgy vibe. The soft, wrinkled leather not only gives it a vintage appearance but also conveys a sense of durability and longevity.

It’s important to note that the Niki bag is available in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Baby. All three sizes are practical for daily use, offering different looks when carried. If you’re considering a purchase, I recommend visiting a store and trying them on in person to determine which size suits you best.

Personally, I suggest the Medium, the most popular size. With its larger bag body, practicality is undeniable. Furthermore, the Medium size effortlessly exudes a casual and carefree vibe while maintaining the commanding presence of a Saint Laurent bag.


Dior presents a range of chain flap bags to choose from, and one that stands out is the 30 Montaigne. It features the iconic Oblique pattern on its square-shaped body, adorned with a golden CD logo, exuding a romantic charm. The addition of metal chains elevates the bag’s overall elegance and luxury.

Another excellent choice from the Montaigne collection is the newly released 30 Montaigne Avenue! What sets this bag apart is its chain design. It features CD logo metal chain links adorned with enamel insets, adding a touch of luxury and distinctiveness. Paired with its rounded body, it creates a fusion of a chain bag and a saddle bag, exuding a strong and stylish aura while maintaining a feminine touch.


When discussing Chanel’s chain flap bags, we can’t forget the iconic Classic Flap, 2.55, and Boy. Their classic status speaks for itself, with each being a beloved choice for many years.

However, if you want to showcase your fashionable and edgy side, consider the Chanel 19! With its enlarged diamond pattern and puffy bag body, it exudes a cool and effortless vibe while also conveying a laid-back attitude. The bold leather-through-chain strap and the addition of contrasting metal hardware make it even more eye-catching when worn, embodying the luxurious essence that Chanel is known for while also giving off a bold and individualistic vibe.

The only difference is that, unlike other chain flap bags, the long chain of the Chanel 19 cannot be adjusted for different wearing styles. However, it features a chain handle at the top of the bag, allowing it to be used as a handbag. In this way, the long chain naturally hangs down by the side, creating a casual and fashionable personal attitude.

With the rise of the Chanel 22, the popularity of the Chanel 19 has slightly declined in recent years. Compared to the trendy and emerging 22, the 19 may not be the newest and hottest option. However, the enduring popularity of the Chanel 19 is evident, consistently ranking high on the list of coveted bags. This indicates its exceptionally long fashion lifespan. So, if you come across a Chanel 19 that you love, there’s no need to worry about it becoming outdated in the near future.

The new East-West version of the Gucci Horsebit 1955 is also a chain flap bag! It exudes a vintage charm, but the elongated bag silhouette adds a touch of contemporary and nimble elegance compared to the original Horsebit 1955 design.

Upon closer inspection, the metal chain of this bag incorporates the brand’s iconic double G elements, adding a distinct identity that surprises with its attention to detail. When worn on the shoulder or crossbody, the shiny chain looks exceptionally exquisite, making it suitable for attending important occasions with dresses.

It’s worth mentioning that besides the metal chain, this bag actually comes with an additional leather short shoulder strap, allowing it to transform into a clutch or underarm bag!



Louis Vuitton, known for their exceptional bag designs, certainly offers a wide range of chain flap bags.

Today, I want to talk about the Favorite bag, which has gained unexpected popularity! However, it’s not a traditional square flap bag that everyone usually likes. With its cloud-like shape and gathered sides, the Favorite bag has a soft and casual appearance, giving off a warm and gentle impression.

It is paired with a short metal chain, adding a touch of femininity when carried on the shoulder. Alternatively, you can choose to use the leather shoulder strap and let the chain hang down as a decorative element. This adds a sense of agility and design to the bag’s overall appearance.


Last year, the chain flap bag category welcomed a unique newcomer – the Balenciaga Crush. Its most distinctive feature lies in its trapezoidal bag body. With sharp edges and a sense of tension, it exudes a unique personality that sets it apart from the rest.

It is paired with a thick chain strap that can be worn crossbody or folded into a double-chain shoulder style. The design with a narrow top and wide bottom makes it comfortable to tuck under the arm, giving an overall sense of being fashionable and avant-garde!

Balenciaga provides different colors and materials for the Crush bags, but personally, I would recommend the one in black crushed calfskin and quilted. The leather has a distinct vintage texture, making it highly durable without sacrificing its classic look. With this material, you don’t have to worry about scratches – just enjoy its cool, laid-back vibe.


The iconic BVLGARI Serpenti Forever bag exudes timelessness and luxury. This structured trapezoid flap bag features the signature snakehead element as a centerpiece, making it truly recognizable.

The serpent-like chain further accentuates its classic style: intricate and delicate, yet utterly glamorous. A product of superior craftsmanship, this piece is sure to never go out of fashion for many years to come.

The option to fold the chain and wear it as a double-chain shoulder bag adds versatility to its styling options. It creates an elegant and sophisticated look when worn on the shoulder, exuding confidence and charisma.


The Celine Triomphe collection primarily consists of flap bags, but the one designed with chains is the Chain Triomphe bag.

The elongated flap body, paired with the Triomphe logo, exudes sophisticated and elegant charm while showcasing

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