Hello, fashion-forward friends!

Get ready because today we’re delving into my latest obsession – the incredibly adorable YSL Mini Lou Camera Bag in Blanc Vintage.

After my experience with a fake Gucci Marmont bag, I discovered that I am quite skilled at caring for light-colored bags without babying them. So, I decided to expand my designer bag collection and treat myself to another stunning white piece.

There’s something undeniably exquisite about white designer bags, so if you’re considering getting one or a YSL Lou Camera Bag, this review is a must-read!

Before we dive into the review, let me provide you with a quick guide on the sizes, colors, and materials of the YSL Camera Bags.

Embracing the Elegance: A Guide to Stunning White Designer Bags

The Mini Lou comes in four colors:

Black, Blanc Vintage, Dark Beige, and Dark Natural. Each color features gold-toned metal hardware, but if you choose black, you also have the option of silver-toned and matte black hardware.

The YSL Mini Camera Bag is made of Calfskin leather, with the shiny leather version not having a tassel charm like the others.

Saint Laurent Mini Lou Camera Bag Size:

7.4 X 4.3 X 1.9 in Color Metal Hardware Material Black Gold-toned


Matte Black

Embossed Leather (Calfskin) Shiny Leather (Calfskin)

Blanc Vintage Dark Beige

Dark Natural

Gold-toned Embossed Leather (Calfskin)

If you’re eyeing the bigger sister of the YSL Camera Bags, measuring 9.1 x 6.3 x 2.4 inches, you’ll find even more variety with several colors and material options to explore.

Review of My Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag:

As mentioned, the YSL Mini Camera Bag is crafted from pebbled calfskin leather, making it more durable.

The bag features a super cute gold YSL logo at the front and the iconic Y-quilting. The tassel hanging from the side is attached to the zipper by a gold chain, allowing for easy opening and closing.

The matching gold chain is perfect for cross-body wear, and the addition of a leather piece on the shoulder strap ensures comfort during extended use. The bag itself is also not too heavy.

What Fits Inside My YSL Mini Lou Camera Bag:

Don’t be deceived by its size. Thanks to the soft leather and sufficient depth, this bag can hold quite a lot. I usually organize my essentials like this:

  • An LV Pochette (For cosmetics & other small items)
  • An LV Coin Purse/Key Pouch
  • A YSL Cardholder
  • My Phone (in a phone case from an old phone for reference)
  • My Car Key

The bag’s interior is leather-lined with card slots at the back, providing additional space if you choose not to carry a separate cardholder.

The bag also has a back pocket, but it’s quite small and not very deep, so I wouldn’t recommend placing anything valuable in there.

Wear & Tear of My YSL Lou Camera Bag:

Contrary to expectations, this white bag is not delicate. The creamy, slightly gray tone of YSL’s white, combined with its pebbled leather finish, makes it highly resistant to dirt.

Moreover, the bag’s rounded design ensures even the edges are durable, eliminating concerns about seams cracking. After using it for a while, there’s not a single trace of dirt or wear.

Pros & Cons of My YSL Mini Camera Bag:


  • Versatile, pairs well with both casual and formal outfits due to its off-white shade.
  • Spacious enough to carry daily essentials in a mini-sized bag.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  • Features card slots inside the bag.
  • Resists dirt effectively for a white bag.
  • Durable in terms of wear & tear.


  • The strap is not detachable or adjustable, limiting versatility.
  • The back pocket is more decorative than functional and items could easily fall out.

In conclusion, despite the cons, I absolutely adore this Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag. It’s practical, highly resistant to wear and dirt for a white bag, and is a high-quality investment that’s easy to carry for everyday use.

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