, founded in August of 2012 by Anisa, is a blog that delves into the world of both authentic and replica bags & websites, based on her personal experiences with purchases over the years. Anisa, a fashion enthusiast in her 30s, resides in New York but loves to travel worldwide, especially to Europe.

When she first ventured into the realm of replicas, there was a lack of guidance on where to shop, how to shop, and what to look for in a good replica bag. As a result, she made several purchasing mistakes along the way, facing disappointments and even scams. However, through her journey, she has become an expert in the area of replica bags, gaining valuable insights into the world of fake bags.

Contrary to popular belief, Anisa’s decision to buy fake bags isn’t due to financial constraints; she can easily afford authentic designer bags. She, along with many others, believes that luxury goods are often overpriced and not worth the hefty investments. Some opt for replicas to test a specific bag’s style before splurging on the real deal or to have a spare bag for daily use while preserving their authentic bags. exists to provide a safe and informative space for those interested in both authentic and replica bags. With a focus on fashionistas who seek quality replica bags, the blog offers reviews, brand guides, website evaluations, and general shopping advice on designer handbags. Anisa’s goal is to be a helpful shopping tool for navigating the complex world of replicas.

The excitement of discovering remarkably well-made replica bags motivates to share these finds with others and create a community of informed shoppers. For any questions or inquiries, visitors can reach out via email after exploring the blog’s comprehensive content on replica-related information.