Evelyn’s LV Neverfull Review: A Candid Exploration of Replicas

I’m excited to share with you all that we received our first review from Evelyn. Although this was her inaugural review, I must say Evelyn did a commendable job. Now, let’s dive into how her LV Neverfull replica bag fared. I’ll also provide comments on the differences below the picture, making it clearer for you. Scroll down to see the images and make sure not to miss my observations!

Here’s the content of the original email (I’ve highlighted the parts worth paying attention to):

Hey Angie,
I’m thrilled about the launch of the new section, and I hope my review can be a useful addition to your column. Today, I’m sharing my review of the Neverfull Damier Azur PM from aaapurse. This is my first time reviewing a replica bag, so forgive me if I miss something!

I paid $145 USD for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM handbag and an additional $10 USD for shipping (I chose PayPal for payment). The delivery was done through FedEx, and the package arrived 10 days after I placed the order.

The description stated it comes with a dust bag and original box, but my purse came wrapped in plastic. I have to say I’m taking points off for the packaging experience. The packaging isn’t a huge deal for me, but since it’s stated on the website, I kind of expected it, you know?


So, I reached out to my cousin Sarah and asked if I could borrow her Neverfull for comparison. She has the exact same one. We were just chatting about how gorgeous the bag is and how much we want one when we hung out the other day, and it turns out she went all-in and got herself an authentic one (I saw her post it on Instagram, and I was kinda jealous, lol). Anyway, she agreed, and we compared the differences together.

Overall, the quality seems alright. I didn’t notice any loose stitches or obvious damage, but it does have a strong plasticky/glue smell (that bothers me a lot).

Things got awkward when we started comparing the handbags side by side. Sarah said whoever has seen and owns an authentic one could tell right away that this bag was a fake Neverfull – even without putting them together.

Honestly, I can’t even argue with her. If I’m rating this fake Neverfull bag for accuracy, I’d have to give it a 5 out of 10.

I mean, you don’t even need trained eyes to spot the differences; it’s that obvious. Just look at the colors of the bags and the glazing. Sarah also noticed that the Neverfull pouch sizes were different – the authentic one was bigger.

So, those are some pretty big faults we noticed. I don’t think I need to point out anymore to decide that I don’t want this bag anymore. There’s no way I’m carrying it out. But, I did take some detailed pics so you guys can take a closer look and compare for yourselves.

I told aaapurse I no longer wanted the bag, but after 3 emails, I still didn’t receive any response. I sense that means no hope of getting the money back, so I just have to let it go. Considering the price, the bag is alright if you can tolerate less accuracy.

So that’s my review of the Neverfull Damier Azur and my purchase experience from aaapurse. I’m so fed up with how they acted all friendly when I was paying, but then ghosted me when I asked for a refund. Stay away from these replica companies! Right now, I don’t know what to do with this Neverfull knockoff purse; anyone have any good ideas?


Best regards,
Evelyn Anderson

Left-Replica: More like a yellow tone
Right-Authentic: Nice creamy white tone

Up-Rep & Down-Auth: The lining has the same color issue

Left-Rep: The glazing is a BRIGHT Red tone
Right-Auth: The original glazing is much darker

Up-Rep: Smaller
Down-Auth: Bigger

Up-Auth: The Damier pattern is thinner
Down-Rep: “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” printing is thicker and the color deeper

Left-Rep & Right-Auth: The zippers look alright at first look, but you can tell the lettering “LV” of the fake one is thicker

Train your eyes to spot the differences with the rest of the pics and leave comments!

Actually, this is not my first time hearing about aaapurse. There are and Are they the same company? I have no idea. Some readers have asked my opinion about this website before. I wouldn’t just judge a seller I haven’t tried before, but Evelyn’s experience could be a reference for those interested in

It’s really nice that Evelyn followed up with another email to me, so we know what happened later.

Hi Angie,
It’s me again! Please don’t get annoyed by me.

So I finally got the reply from aaapurse, but they refused to give a refund – they don’t accept returns just because the customer doesn’t like the product! This is ridiculous! Who could possibly like a piece of obvious fake junk?

Their website’s refund policy sounds so enticing: “If the product you received is of poor quality, you can ask for a full refund.” (I’m quoting the website’s original text and including a screenshot of their return policy) But their guarantee is completely worthless; it’s pure BS!

Please post my experience on your blog and be cautious when dealing with these smooth-talking sellers! By the way, can you tell me where can I get a high-quality replica Neverfull? I really want one!

Love your blog! Thanks a lot!

Evelyn Anderson

In this case, I think Evelyn can try initiating a refund through PayPal. For replica products, PayPal transactions can be advantageous for us buyers, although it may be a bit unethical. But trying to negotiate with the seller again is still the best option.

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